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Dear John,

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the Wilbers shock and the Ktech piston kit you fitted to my CBR600RR.

The improvement that it has made to the bike is astonishing.

Thank you also for the excellent advice on what to go for and for the very high quality of your service.

All the best,



Just thought I'd let you know how happy I am with the rear shock after the rebuild and re-spring.

I have done about 200miles now with it over the weekend and all I can say is that it has totally transformed the bike. It goes into corners now with no wallowing and actually keeps a line. The bike is now performing like it should.

I have posted a recommendation on Triumph RAT forums for you. The link is here

Thanks for sorting me out. The service was First Class.

I'll be down soon for that front rebuild.



Hi John,

Well back off biking holiday with new shock, thanks for your efforts was able to go on the BMW, I didn’t hold much hope to get the shock prior to holiday but somehow everything fell into place and you got it for me to pick up on the Friday before departure on Saturday.

The Wilber’s shock was a transformation from my old unit. I guess if you don't even think about it that says it all. I had lost a little confidence in the bike as the old shock nearly had me off but now back to normal and don't even think about it, this to me is priceless.

Thanks again for your support, chat and tour of your workshop, proper gent.

Kind Regards

Paul Cobb

Dear John and Nick,

Thank you for bringing me out of the depths when I purchased my new BMW 800 GS. The bike was too high, I was paddling at traffic lights, I had no confidence in the bikes handling. In fact I thought that I had made a big mistake.

Revs was recommended for lowering the suspension and not only does the bike now fit me but handling is just sublime. Check out these boys they know their stuff.

Thank you John and Nick.

Michael Best J

Hi John,

Just thought i would let you know that i recieved my Wibers shocks on Friday as promised and fitted them within a few hours with no problems, i was very impressed with quality of the suspension units and as a quality control inspector for an engineering company i am use to looking for any faults, sharp edges or poor finishes (glad to report non found). Took my BMW 1150 GS for its first test ride today with both new front and rear suspension units and was really impressed the bike feels really planted through the corners especially when you push it on a bit any evidence of front wheel patter through the bends has now gone, making it easy to eat up the miles.
So thanks John for a friendly informative and prompt service delivering a quality product on time i will certainly recomend you to all my mates.

Best Regards


Hi John/ Nick, just like to say what a fantastic job you made of my GSXR 1000 K7 suspension (fitted and set up rear Ohlins TTX Shock and stage 1 k-tech springs in the front forks)

Did a track day at Silverstone on the 2nd March 11 and the bike handled like a dream.

It's not often you get the kind of customer service and professionalism you guys have shown, and also the free advise (without trying to sell me anything i didn't need) you gave me, and the setting up of my GPR steering damper. Always friendly and willing to help even when i have popped in unannounced.

I have been riding competition bikes now for 30 years and i would highly recommend you both.

One complaint though, ask Nick if there's any chance of some "chocolate Hob Nobbs" with the tea next time.

Mike McNaughton


Hi John, Sorry it has taken a while to send this but I wanted to give the Wilbers rear shock a test in every kind of scenario that I ride in and I have to say …… Wow What a transformation, the standard rear on my TDM900/A is a bit soggy at best and me being a larger rider (Fat) I was feeling the squat even on a sedate (ish) ride and 2up wasn’t really an option. Now with the Wilbers made to my weight and ride style with remote hydraulic preload I can go from 1up chill out riding to a little more spirited and 2up with full luggage all at the twist of a knob and the bike is always so planted now. The only downside is it has now highlighted how spongy the front is so I guess I’ll be on the phone shortly. I’ve attached a photo of the shock too in case you wanted to see what it looked like on. Thanks for a great service


Had to drop you a line to say how pleased I am with the Wilbers rear shock you supplied. The one I sent for rebuild for my 1990 XT600 engined Yamaha SRX400 was too shot, so you suggested a well known make I could have immediately or wait 3 weeks for a Wibers shock to be assembled for me. So, uncharacterlistically for me I thought I,d wait and have the Wilbers, well, it actually took a little less than 3 weeks and was well worth the wait. When it arrived I wasn,t sure wether to hang it on the wall or fit it to the bike,beautifully made. Obviously I fitted it, and it perfoms as well as it looks. So many thanks for recommending a Wilbers shock, and I,m sure anyone choosing one of these will be as pleased as I am with it. So, thanks once again for recommending such a nice bit of kit. Russ MacLaren,down here in Cornwall.


Just wanted to let you know that I am mucho delighted with the Stage 2 fork rebuild you did on my Blade (954). Great work, super friendly and no BS - a more salubrious workshop would be better for your business but it's you guys that do the business (Ian Lougher will no doubt vouch for that).

Had a track day at Oulton Park and although I am still a very average track day rider the bike felt soooo much better - no more diving under heavy braking, nice progressive rebound, soaking up the bumps very well and generally just giving much more 'feel' - confidence in the front end now greatly improved.

Prior to the rebuild I had played around with all the adjusters to very little effect - the progressive springs and damping being pretty pi** poor - BUT NO MORE, the adjusters actually do work with just one turn of compression or ½ turn of rebound being noticeable (even through my 16st lardy ars*).

Thanks again and I would recommend you guys to anyone who wants to improve the sharp end of their bike - now then, me thinks the shock needs some attention next.

All the best

Rob Loggie

Dear John,
You sent me a pair of standard Wilbers shocks for a 2004 1200 GS last month, and we fitted them last weekend after following a set of instructions helpfully posted on the UKGSer website.
I'd like to thank you for your help and advice. The shocks have transformed my bike. It had 38,000 miles on it, and the improved ride is both firm, and yet supple at the same time - a sort of suspension alchemy. You can't help but be impressed by the Germans as they do know a thing or two about engineering.
The UKGSer instructions were invaluable, without which we'd have been screwed. I'd recommend you point any future GS 1200 Wilbers customers in that direction. The thread is at;-

Just wanted to report in on the Wilbers suspension on my Fazer thou , went up to Yorkshire this bank holiday and tried it out fully loaded with top box and panniers, didnt even notice they were there, with the standard set up the bike would be squatting down and trying to wheelie everywhere , it just gets better many thanks and I havent forgotten about the front but funds are a bit tight as just moved house, again thanks for the transfomation. David

Hi John - Just thought I'd let you know how the new shocks went...

The fitting was really easy, a couple of hours and it was all done. It's really nice to have something that fits first time without any fiddling about. I've now done about 150 miles and what a change, it's a totally different bike!As I only weigh about 11st and only ever ride solo the standard set on on the BMW 1200 GS wasn't very good. The low suspension GS has stiffer springs and firmer damping. The front was very harsh, it just rode over smaller bumps and jumped off anything bigger, It's not adjustable so I couldn't do anything about it. The rear was a bit better but the damping still felt harsh.The new Wilbers are worlds apart. The sliders front forks are now moving slightly most of the time and you can feel the bike rolling smoothly over bumps. The rear is also much better, it seems to soak up the bumps and return more slowly and feels more controlled.On bumpy back roads the bike feels much more composed, it's as if it stays at the same level and the wheels just go up and down underneath you. It handles way better, smoothing out the bumps and holding a line now whereas before it would jump around off the bumps.

Please pass on my thanks to John for all his advice. It was great to deal with people that know what they're talking about and deliver a really top notch product. I'll be recommending you to all my mates for sure.
Best regards - Paul Neal

Hi John, arrived today. Thanks for a good service. Very impressed in this day and age when customer service is often so poor. - Neil Jones

My new rear shock landed this morning.
Thus ensued a mad scrabbling of packaging, 45 minutes of spannering followed by a grin inducing razz round my local lanes
I ordered a standard shock built 10mm longer than stock with hydraulic pre-load and to put it simply, it's the best mod I've made to any bike I've owned.
I haven't gone through the full set-up procedure (static sag, dynamic sag etc) as wilbers pre-set it to what should be correct settings at the factory given your weight, riding style etc.
Even so the difference in handling is awesome. The bike now just feels so much more stable and yet quicker to turn at the same time
The part of the shock travel is so much more active and light compared to the old shock. Since getting the bike I've always felt the front end was a bit light and vague but this has transfomed it The riding position is marginally different but not radically so and to me feels much better than it did before. I've been meaning to order some 25mm risers for a while and got round to that today so hopefully that'll improve things further.
I'm really impressed with the shock. I've had WP and Ohlins units on crossers and my race rep so thought I'd try Wilbers on the GS. Time will tell how their build quality compares but for the moment I'm well impressed with the service, performance and quality - Piglet North Yorks

Reason I chose them over Ohlins is the service from importer is first class, very helpful and spec'd exactly as I wanted. Only heard good reports about quality and fitting etc. And of course they are up to 20% cheaper than similar Ohlin. Oh and the springs come in a nice shade of blue. Sid N Devon

Fitted the shock you supplied me with, bloody marvellous! lot tauter and no wallowing, over the moon and will certainly recommend wilbers and your good selves!
Just thought I would let you know that I fitted my new shock to my 04 Varadero and what a difference!!!. Night and day. Its so good you don’t notice it. The bike just does what its supposed to do without any drama.Set up is excellent. I would recommend Wilbers to anyone.Thanks for the prompt and courteous service. - David Wotherspoon

So. I said before i couldnt really tell that my original shock was worn out, but bloody hell i can now! i was so impressed with the ride quality and composure of the bike with the new shock on it. I didnt realise just how much the bike was squating under hard acceleration. Well impressed with the bike now, found myself gassing the bike harder in the corners, where before the bike would squat down and do strange things, it now just plants itself and launches out the corner.Rough roads are a lot smoother now, the bike rides over the bumps instead of bouncing over them. I always thought my bike handled really well, but the difference is worlds apart now.
First ride out this year and had the front wheel skipping the tarmac on numerous occasions.In summary, wow. If you can afford it, get yourself a top spec shock, you just wont be dissapointed! big thumbs up! - Coxylaad - Fazer owners club

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