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Shock Spring Sag
Hopefully you have the correct spring for your weight.
To determine this factor we must set the sag on the shock.
To have the sag set correctly is as important as having the correct spring.
So please take time to carry out this operation correctly.
(A) Race Sag
Put your bike on a stand with the back wheel off the
ground and measure from a point close to the rear wheel
axle to a point on the rear fender slightly forward
of the vertical.
Measurement A ... (e.g.) 610mm
(B) Race Sag
Take the bike off the stand and put on level ground.
Sit on the bike in a central position with all your kit
on with one foot on a footrest and the other on the
floor just for balance not weight bearing.
You will need someone to take the measurement
from the same two points.
Measurement B ... (e.g.) 510mm
610 - 510 = 100, (Race Sag : 100mm)
(C) Static Sag
The static sag is measured when the rider is off
the bike and it is standing on its own free weight.
You measure the same two points again, and then
subtract C from A this will give you the static sag.
Measurement C ... (e.g.) 585mm
610 - 585 = 25, (Static Sag : 25mm)
Static Sag
Race Sag
Static sag should be set Midway
between these measurements
which is a good starting point.
125 - 500cc 15 - 30mm
60 - 100cc 15-25mm
Race sag should be set at between 25 - 30%
of the bikes' full suspension travel.
125 - 500cc 90 - 100mm
80 - 100cc 80 - 90mm
60cc 50 - 60mm


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